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Go Minutemen!


Revere Athletics

Go Minutemen!

Revere Athletics

Go Minutemen!

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1 week ago @ 11:36AM


Hello Everyone,

We hope you are all well!  Tryouts will look a little different this year, although we will try our best to get back to a sense of normal during cheer season.


Here is how the 2020 RMS Cheerleading Tryouts will work:  


Tuesday-August 11th- Athletes pick up cheer packet at the Administration Building. BRING AN IPHONE  OR IPAD!!


8TH grade 11:00am-12:00pm


7th grade- 12:00pm-1:00pm 



Athletes (ONLY) will line up with masks on and get temperature taken and answer Covid-19 protocol questions. After getting cleared by a coach, Athletes will then go to table with masks on and collect cheer packet.  We will also "air drop" tryout material to their phones or IPads.  They will learn tryout material on their own for tryouts.


Thursday,August 13th- Tumbling  Tryouts at Mrs. Staats's building located at 3680 Everett Road, Richfield, Ohio 44286.


8th grade-11:00am-12:00pm


7th grade-12:00pm-1:00pm


Athletes will arrive with masks on, get temperature taken and answer Covd-19 protocol questions.  After getting cleared by a coach, Athletes ONLY will enter through 'ENTER' door wearing masks and tryout tumbling..  This will be a NO CONTACT situation. Girls must be able to perform tumbling skills on their own.  Athletes should come stretched, warmed up and ready to go!  We will give them additional time to tumble on the mats, if necessary.  Back handsprings and higher tumbling skills are the ONLY tumbling skills to demonstrate on this day!  If your child is unable to do these skills independently, then your child does not need to come to this portion of tryouts.  Athletes will then put masks back on and leave through the 'EXIT' DOOR.



Friday, August 14th-Tryouts will cheer and dance material.  Tryouts will begin at 11:00 am


Athletes will be given tryout times by grade level by email or text, once we have an idea of the number of children participating in the RMS Cheerleading tryouts.


You will find all the necessary IMPORTANT paperwork in the RMS Cheerleading  packet:


COVID-19 WAIVER-MANDATORY to participate in tryouts.


EMERGENCY FORM-  MANDATORY to participate in tryouts.


Cheerleading Tryout Rubric


Thank you,

Angie Mills

Lydia Butler

Kelly Staats


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